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Why Your Dental Appointment Isn’t a Priority but Should Be

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For many people the twice-a-year trip to visit the dentist is not top on their priority list. Some forget to schedule the appointment and later realize that it’s been way longer than six months since they last saw their dentist. By the time they schedule the appointment they are way overdue.

Others schedule the appointment but then cancel as the date approaches. They give many reasons for this last minute cancellation including:

  • Lack of money
  • Lack of dental insurance
  • Illness (their own or a loved one they have to provide care for)
  • Schedule conflict such as a business meeting
  • Don’t have enough time right now
  • Out of town (at college or on business trip)
  • Have a fear of the dentist
  • Perceive they don’t have any dental issues right now


In some cases they have an appointment scheduled but completely forget to go. The result of all of the above situations is the dental visit is delayed. Instead of seeing the dentist every six months, as recommended, it becomes eight or ten or more months until the teeth have been professionally cleaned and evaluated. According to the American Dental Association, 100 million Americans fail to see their dentist within a year.

Why should going to the dentist regularly be a priority? This is a question many people ask. They may assume that if they don’t feel an issue going on with their mouth they don’t have a problem that requires the attention of the dentist. However, a dentist can spot a dental issue early on. The earlier the issue is identified the more likely treatment will be simpler and less expensive.

In addition, a visit to the dentist can help prevent a problem from occurring. The dentist may identify areas where you need to focus on brushing to prevent a future cavity. They can provide fluoride treatment to prevent development of cavities.

Having your teeth thoroughly cleaned at the office will help maintain the health of your teeth and gums.

Many people are surprised to learn that the dentist can identify symptoms of diseases or medical conditions in other parts of the body. According to Business Insider, dentists can detect anemia, some autoimmune diseases, and oral cancer by examining your mouth and gums.

Taking the time to visit the dentist regularly is important for your overall health. Set aside the excuses and make it a priority!

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