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Signs You May Need a Root Canal

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At Savannah Dental Care, we realize that sometimes your tooth pain or discomfort takes a backseat to all your other responsibilities. How can you tell if your tooth pain is serious, or just a minor irritation? We’ll start by saying: pain is often an indication that something is wrong. If your pain is interfering with your normal activities, call us immediately. We know how debilitating tooth pain can be, so we work hard to accommodate same-day emergency appointments to ensure that you’re not living in pain.

The first thing Dr. Bellingham will do is determine what is causing you pain. In some cases, he may decide to perform a root canal. Root canals are a very common way to treat tooth pain caused by serious decay or infection. It’s important to act quickly, because infection can spread or intensify if left untreated. A root canal is a multi-step procedure that removes the infected tooth pulp (and sometimes the nerve) from a tooth and sealing it, in order to protect against future pain and decay.

But how do you know if your dental discomfort warrants a root canal? Dr. Bellingham the following symptoms to look for:

1. Pain

If you notice tooth pain when eating or putting pressure on the area, you may need a root canal. The intensity of the pain can range from mild to severe and can vary throughout your day. In some cases, your tooth pain might get worse when you bite down.

2. Temperature Sensitivity

If you are experiencing prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold food or liquids, you may need a root canal.

3. Discoloration and/or Bumps

In some cases, an infected tooth will noticeably darken. Other times, small, pimple-like bumps can form on the gums near the painful area.

4. Tenderness and Swelling

If your gums are especially tender and swollen near where you’re experiencing tooth pain, a root canal may be in order.

These symptoms are not exhaustive, and only your dentist can tell if you if you need a root canal. If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms, call our office right away. Our qualified staff will ask you a few questions about the intensity of your pain in order to determine whether you should come in immediately for treatment. In some cases, we may recommend emergency care, depending on the severity of your symptoms. Regardless, our first priority is ensuring that we are able to ease your tooth pain as quickly as possible.

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