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Don’t Forget to Brush your Teeth at least twice a day :)

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Did you know that without flossing, 40% of the surfaces of your teeth are NEVER clean? Flossing at least once a day helps preserve the health and aesthetics of your smile!

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The Polls Are In! What color toothbrush do you Prefer?

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A Straighter Smile in Half the Time

Few people are blessed with perfectly aligned teeth on both their top and bottom jaws-especially those front teeth that everyone sees when you smile. Crooked front teeth are one of the most common cosmetic changes that people seek, and unfortunately, most people have no control over their teeth alignment. But this kind of misalignment, called malocclusion, is not only a cosmetic issue: many forms of malocclusion can lead to greater oral health problems. Because crooked teeth often overlap, they tend to be ... Read more

Watch us on Fox 4 Good Day

Cherry Blossom Family Dentistry was recently featured on Fox 4 Good Day. Read more
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