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Dental Implant Procedure Step by Step

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If you want to permanently replace missing or damaged teeth with dental implants, then you may be wondering exactly what the process is. Our experienced team will thoroughly explain your specific case with you pre and post-surgery, and we have also provided a synopsis below of the steps of dental implant placement.


X-rays will be done to determine where your replacement teeth will be placed, and they will also reveal the bone quality and quantity so we can place the implant in the healthiest and most supportive part of the jaw bone.

During Surgery

A hole, also known as a “site preparation”, is made in the bone, and a drilling procedure is done to make the hole in the bone big enough to place the implant. Once this is done, the implant is placed straight into the site and the healing process begins immediately since it is living bone tissue. More X-rays are taken after surgery to make sure the implant is in the right position in the bone. Sutures, also known as stitches, are used to close any incisions made in the gum tissue.

Post Surgery

There will usually be some discomfort during the healing process, but you should be feeling much better even within the first few days. Most patients will experience some swelling, pain at the site of the implant, some minor bleeding, and sometimes even nausea. We will give you detailed instructions on how to care for the surgical site where the implant was placed, and also advice for good at-home care to make you more comfortable and to support the healing process. Antibiotics are also often prescribed to ensure proper healing. After healing, we can finally place the tooth to complete the dental implant procedure!

If you have any specific questions about the dental implant procedure, don’t hesitate to ask a member of our friendly team! Schedule a dental implant consultation by calling our office or booking your appointment online.

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