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Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas

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creative tooth fairy ideas from Savannah Dental Care

At Savannah Dental Care, we understand that losing your first tooth is a right of passage for kids. Somehow, just leaving a few coins doesn’t seem to quite fit this significant dental care milestone in your kid’s life! That’s why we’ve compiled some creative tooth fairy ideas to make the moment extra special. Keeping some fun and ‘magic’ around losing teeth can even help you ‘open the door’ to talking to your kids about the importance of dental hygiene and make healthy habits for a lifetime.

Tooth Fairy Idea 1) Glitter Dollars

Sprinkle glitter on a dollar bill and tell your child it is fairy dust! You can check out Pinterest for other ideas to jazz up money from the tooth fairy.

Tooth Fairy Idea 2) Color Changing Potion

tooth fairy potion
Leave your child’s tooth by the bed in a glass of water, when you retrieve the tooth add food coloring to the water.

Tooth Fairy Idea 3) Glitter Steps

glitter for tooth fairy

Sprinkle some glitter on the night stand or window seal, then stand an action figure or small doll in the glitter to make it appear like footsteps.

Tooth Fairy Idea 4) A Very Fairy Pillow

Another method of storing the tooth. It’s a small pillow with a pocket to hold the tooth. The pillow can be tied to the bed post or hang on a door knob.

Tooth Fairy Idea 5) Toysmith Twinkle Toof Tooth

twinkle toof

Twinkle Toof acts as the tooth fairy’s helper. It opens up and has a compartment for baby teeth. It glows in the dark to make it easy for the tooth fairy to find.

Tooth Fairy Idea 6) Tooth Fairy Door

Place a dollhouse door in your child’s room, so the tooth fairy has her own special entryway.

Tooth Fairy Idea 7) Leave a Receipt

Leave a receipt with the date, your child’s name, number of teeth taken and what the tooth fairy left in exchange for the tooth. Here’s a link for a free printable: http://www.atypicalenglishhome.com/2014/01/free-tooth-fairy-receipt-template.html

Tooth Fairy Idea 8) Official Certificate

Have the tooth fairy leave a certificate awarded to your child for losing their first tooth.

Is it time for your little tot (or teen!) to see the dentist? According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, kids should see a dentist when their first tooth appears, which is around the first birthday. Give Savannah Dental Care in Aubrey, TX a call today!

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