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Imagine a facelift for your teeth: that`s the kind of impact cosmetic dentistry can have on your smile. A healthy, beautiful smile makes life more beautiful. It can raise self-esteem and help you make better impressions on others. There are a variety of subtle yet noticeable ways we can enhance your smile. There are also more dramatic cosmetic dental treatments, often called smile makeovers, that can totally transform the appearance of your teeth. Your Aubrey and Frisco, TX dentists offer the latest cosmetic dental treatments and techniques, including tooth-colored dental restorations such as fillings and crowns, cosmetic bonding, teeth straightening solutions, and professional teeth whitening options.

Savannah Dental Care offers an array of cosmetic dentistry services that can brighten, straighten, and reshape your smile to help it reach its full potential. Our experienced dental care team specializes in crowns, gum lifts, and veneers-among many other services that can change your smile in a subtle or more obvious manner.

Whether it`s a dramatic smile makeover you seek, or a simple and popular teeth whitening treatment, the latest in cosmetic dentistry and techniques can be found at Savannah Dental Care. If your teeth have been damaged or discolored due to disease, trauma, genetics or any number of other factors, contact Savannah Dental Care today at 972-347-6200 and let us help you achieve the smile you deserve!

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