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Back to School Dental Tips for 2017

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It’s that time again! Time for your child to gather up their supplies, head off to class, and hit the books. When you’re getting your kid ready for the new school year, don’t forget to make sure everything is in order with their dental health, too. Here are some tips to keep in mind for your back-to-school checklist:

Schedule a Dental Check-Up

This is the easiest one! We recommend scheduling your child’s biannual dental appointment before school starts so you don’t have to deal with them missing class or being late to get it done. But don’t worry if you run out of time before the school year begins. At Savannah Dental Care, we open as early as 7 AM and stay open as late as 7 PM so it’s easier for your family to come on by outside of normal work and school hours.

As long as you’re keeping up with those regular appointments, you’re helping to make sure that any dental problems your child might have are either prevented or caught early!

Prepare Healthy Lunches

Nutrition and dental health go hand in hand. If you pack your child’s school lunch, throw in tooth-friendly foods like string cheese, yogurt, and baby carrots. You also want to avoid filling their lunchbox with sugar-filled (cavity-causing) snacks like soda and candy. And speaking of snacks — considering swapping out those candies and chips lying around at home for more nutritious alternatives like nuts, fruit, and vegetables.

Get a Mouthguard Made

Does your child play sports? You’ll probably want to get an athletic mouthguard made for them so they can protect their teeth, gums, and teeth from damage and injury. It’s important that kids wear mouthguards not only when they have a big game, but when they’re practicing too!

Set Up a Home Routine

Dental care doesn’t just stop when you leave the dentist’s office. Depending on the age of your child, you’ll either want to teach them a proper at-home dental routine or make sure they’re keeping up with that routine. That means brushing at least twice a day for 2 minutes each time and flossing at least once. Younger kids might find it helpful to have a sticker calendar so they can mark each day that they take great care of their teeth.

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