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“This is an excellent dentist. The staff was very friendly. I was in severe pain. I called this dentist and they were able to get me in the same morning. Dr. Goodwin extracted my tooth the same day. I appreciate the fast high quality care I received at Lynn Creek Dental Care. Thank You to all the staff. I highly recommend this dentist to others.”
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Welcome to Scheduling, Improved.

Our extended hours and family block appointments help you to achieve as many dental visits as possible for the whole family. Call us today to schedule your next dental appointment!

Convenient Hours – Open 7am-7pm

We have convenient hours so you can fit in your dental appointment after school or after work. Call us to check for availability.

Family Block Appointments

We know how hard it can be to have all your family members dental appointments scheduled appropriately, which is why we offer family-block appointments to allow your whole family to be treated at the same time or in back-to-back appointments.

As Few Visits as Possible

Savannah Dental Care tries to complete as much of your treatment as possible in your appointment so you don’t have to come back for multiple visits. We respect your time!

To experience the difference, call us, or complete our online form.

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