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Homemade Toothpaste Basics: What Kind of Toothpaste Should you Use?

Here are a few recipe ideas to help you make some basic homemade toothpaste, and to help you choose what kind of homemade toothpaste you may prefer. It's easy to see that there is a vast array of toothpaste options to sort through. The tooth care aisle at the grocery is home to a minimum of 7-10 different brands, and each of those brands could have three or more varieties to choose from (plus an option for paste versus gel!). There is ... Read more

Shark Teeth: A New Horizon in Dentistry?

Fun fact: Sharks can continuously regrow their teeth, and over a lifetime, sharks may lose up to 30,000 teeth…but their ability to regrow a lost tooth over a short period of time means that losing a tooth won’t slow them down. New research from Developmental Biology looks into the genetic mechanisms underlying the shark's amazing ability to regrow their own teeth. Imagine, if people had that same ability, what would that mean for tooth loss? Humans share similar genes with sharks Dental lamina are ... Read more