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Beyond the Pearly Whites: Unusual Uses for Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a very necessary and indispensable tool. It keeps your breath fresh, your gums healthy, and it keeps your teeth from falling out of your face. But the wonder of toothpaste is that it can do so much more. While these may seem like some very unusual uses for toothpaste, you may find them to be just the thing you need. (more…) Read more

Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas

At Savannah Dental Care, we understand that losing your first tooth is a right of passage for kids. Somehow, just leaving a few coins doesn't seem to quite fit this significant dental care milestone in your kid's life! That's why we've compiled some creative tooth fairy ideas to make the moment extra special. Keeping some fun and 'magic' around losing teeth can even help you 'open the door' to talking to your kids about the importance of dental hygiene and make ... Read more